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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I able to check field availability?

Yes! View our calendar or contact us for further assistance.

What does it cost to rent the facility?

Cost varies depending on the event. Please contact us for an estimate.

Is the Campus available to rent for birthday parties?

Yes, and many other events. If you are interested, please contact us for more details.

Does the Premier Sports Campus have any sports leagues?

Our campus is home to both the Lakewood Ranch Chargers Soccer Club and Monsters Lacrosse Academy. Interested in joining? Contact us for more details.

Are outside vendors able to work with the campus?

Absolutely! Contact us and we will help find the best fit for you here.

Is parking available at the campus?

Yes, we have private lots with enough parking for every event.

Is there RV parking available?

Sufficient RV parking is also available. However, we do not allow overnight parking.

Is there WiFi available?

Currently, we do not have WiFi.

Are there public restrooms available?

Yes. Depending on the size of the event, additional restrooms can be brought in.

Does the campus have its own on-site response team for medical emergencies?

Currently, we do not. Every event team is strongly encouraged to bring their own medical staff and athletic trainers.

What is the weather policy for the campus?

In the event of inclement weather (including lightning), the event coordinator will alert guests, teams and players. Please refer to tournament rules for more information on the policies for your event.

Are pets allowed?

Only trained, documented service animals will be permitted at the campus.

Where can I find the Lakewood Ranch Information Center?

It is located directly next to the new campus entrance.

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